Monday, November 23, 2009

I cannot believe its almost evening chore time. The day flew by and I got very little accomplished. Mostly because I had to drive into Tulsa to run some errands and of course have lunch and well, if time would have it the day is nearly gone. Thank goodness there is always tomorrow right?

Living in Depew, Oklahoma is a joy but I'll tell ya jack its a long walk to the rest of the world. It seems like the farm is an hour from everywhere. So if I decide to leave my enchanted farm and village, I'm out for the day.

Maybe this is a good thing at times but with 11 Southdown sheep at the fence trying to find that small space I may have missed. Why? so they can somehow squeeze their big fleecy bodies through and be on the other side which is so so similar to the side they were on in the first place! I've still got work to do.
I swear they are worse than the goats! I know!
But it does seem like the work is never done so I dont have to worry about missing anything.
Tonight all of the southdowns get pedicures, I'm sure it will be very relaxing for them.

Off to it



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Sue said...

Fencing is my life. We use woven wire with 2 strands of electrified smooth single strand wire above that. Works well for sheep, but more importantly, it works great with nigerian dwarf goats, those fence breaking bastages! Only our internal cattle panel fences are compromised.

Your southdowns have a shorter staple length fleece than our east friesians, but I bet they are a heck of a lot easier to skirt! I'm interested in hearing about your milk production.