Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting ready

Cool weather is forecasted for this coming week and likely thunderstorms today, so that makes this morning about getting ready for it. This includes making sure all of the animals will stay warm and dry, putting the covers on all of our veggie crops (this afternoon). Even though there is no freeze in the forecast I still want to maintain the soil temp and prevent any possible frost damage from the evening lows this week. I’ll put all the tools and equipment away and getting the hot chocolate ready. I still have a lot of outside work, fencing and such for the sheep, and I might just be out there in the rain.

I let the new sheep out into the ten acre goat pasture yesterday. Over a week and a half of observation and getting to know each other they seemed very healthy and incredibly ready for some serious grazing. I’ve had them in a small pen behind the house were they had a beautiful and taunting view of the eighty five acres that someday soon will call them in.

I feel in some ways I’m hunkering down for the winter or something. My dog it’s been like spring around here, I have enjoyed every second of it! The winter garden is off to a raging start and the warm weather and sun has given me a chance to really get some things done, but its November 15, 2009 its time for spring and summer to move aside and let the natural process take its course, right? Winter is just around the corner. I am ready to see snowflakes and thick steamy breaths come out of my mouth and nose. But for now I’ll enjoy this day getting ready. I hope my Carharts still fit.

Late this morning I’m on a panel at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa ready to discuss the movie food inc. for a forum series they have after the first service. I watched it again last night so I’m fired up and disturbed but I have to admit I’m really bad at public speaking so I hope I don’t make an ass of myself.
Off to milk now.


Denise~ said...

How was the panel? How do the Carhart's fit?

Lovely photo!

Lisa said...

the panel ended up to be good it was me, doug walten from the kerr center and wes downing from downing family farm, pork, beef and chicken producer. those two were really good.
the carharts fit fine I love them soooo much.