Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the race is on!

OK so 61 essays were submitted to the essay contest to win a starter herd of angora goats. They have all been posted to see my essay . So votes are how you get into the final round. So if you like my essay...well, Vote for me! but I have to tell you there are a lot of other great essays too so do read! But what a great opportunity! seriously. I have no idea where this little surprise path will take me but obviously on an adventure, want to come?

On the home front... I moved the bucks to there new home a couple of days ago and already the does are showing interest! Too soon! Time to get the calender out and start making notes. I cant believe its almost time to breed. It was just last week when I sold the last of the bucklings, of course that is my own fault, got too attached. Yikes. I love this!

The garden is finally coming together. Fencing should be completed after the weekend and next week will be all about planting and praying for just a few weeks of warm evenings (60's) and sunshine filled days.

The first Farm table dinner at the new place is this weekend. So excited! two sold out nights. I picked up my hog from Pork and Greens at 4 states processing today and have a whole hog in my fridge ready to bless and nourish us all.


Delphyne said...

Lisa, the page doesn't load right for me - part of the essay is lines, even after reloading it. I tried to vote and am having problems with that, along with trying to leave this comment in the comments section:

Beautiful essay - but it doesn't load properly and the vote thing doesn't work. I would like to vote for this essay and hope that you will count it. I'll try again later, but in the event I can't please log in my vote for Lisa's essay. Thanks so much - you can contact me if you would like.

Not sure if the temperamental site will allow me to vote later, which I will do, but I did want you and the blog owners of the giveaway site to know the problems I encountered.

Good luck - your story is sure magical!! And you are a gifted writer!

Lisa said...

Try this link
This is right off the website and wont go through facebook. might help. and thanks by the way what incredibly kind words!