Thursday, September 3, 2009

It stormed last night and I listened to the hard rain and what sounded like hail hitting the tin roofed barn outside. The two great Pyrenees guarded well, barking at everything they could; deer, coyote, possum, skunk, thin air. Even rain drops may have appeared to have some potential threat. I listened to them most of the night with a tiredness and dread of the alarm clock which I knew would be ringing way too soon.

I’m not as sore as I thought I would be this morning from unloading a trailer full of hay last night into the barn. My body feels like it always does. I start out a little stiff and by time milking and chores are done I’m loose and feeling good enough to go at the day again.

I’m enjoying a strong cup of coffee and looking out the window that the kitchen table sits next to. I get to look out onto a large field of tall prairie grass. In the wind it just sways and sounds so remarkable. I want to run through it at full speed. Eat it up. Have this tall waist high grass take me in. But I won’t because I already have more chigger bites than a person should and as inviting as that beautiful field is, it will remain untouched by me, for now.

We’ll plow up the north field today. This will be the new winter garden. Its mowed low and looks like a golf course soon it will look like a field of greens you can eat!

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