Thursday, September 17, 2009

The contest

I actaully entered a contest. Through several friends I was introduced to this really cool business called fiber farm. From this web site I started to keep up with their blog. Through the blog I was made aware of an extremely unique give-a-way, not just the normal yarn and such but an actual starter herd of angora goats.

A few months back I posted about my interest in fiber sheep. I've been pretty set on that and now have a place where I can have a good sized flock. Never did I think about fiber goats! They are soooo cute. I know its not about cute, well it is sort of! Plus I do have a special relationship with goats.

So I entered an essay to tell them how much I want/need a herd of fiber goats, and now I wait.
It was the hardest essay I have ever written simply because of the fact that it will be judged. And..... if, if I do win I will have just entered into the world I have only been peeking in the window of. I'll be walking through the door of destiny. How dramatic!
So If I do win (crossing my fingers) I'll get to trek to the east coast (I think Martha's vineyard) and pick them up myself! Does that sound like a blogger's dream or what!

Of course I'll be searching for sponsors... I know don't jump the gun.
But what if.......????


Delphyne said...

Good luck! Those little guys are just adorable!

Lisa said...

Thanks Delphyne! OK, I Just checked. 61 essays were sent in. OMG I've got a 1 in 61 chance to win. Better than the state lottery (and I never play that:).

Melissa said...

Good Luck! I've never heard of fiber goats! I'd be interested in hearing about this! Is it anything like the skeens they sell at the Farmers Market?