Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goat give-a-way

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the great goat give a way. I didn’t get into the final round but I did come in 12 out of 61 so I don’t feel bad at all. Above all, thanks for all of the heartwarming compliments. Reading the comments I was overtaken by the sheer sense of gratitude for gifts I have been given already just by having the opportunity to be in so many wonderful loving people’s lives. Thank you

I haven’t given up on fiber goats but through this I have realized I might be more inclined to fiber sheep. I love goats but they can be a hand full, sheep are a little more laid back and might go easier on me than goats so I’ll continue researching and finding the right fit at the farm. But were those Angora goats cute or what! I have not ruled them out yet!

There were so many really good essays and so many of the writers shared similar stories, of rebirth, transformation, struggle and ultimately peace and happiness. There were folks of all ages and backgrounds, it felt strange to me that I could share so much in common with a person or family across the United States. I felt like we could all be enjoying a good pot luck together talking unabashedly about our sheep and goats, chickens and Llamas.

What a great experience and opportunity Fiber farm gave all of us. I’m sure it was a bit of a challenge on their end and much bigger deal than they thought it would be, but they did a great job keeping us in the loop and following through on the counts and such. I’m really happy to have found their site and blog.

Well, off to milk, got a really busy day, fall planting is well on its way.

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