Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Breakfast

Most days I eat a fairly big breakfast. Three eggs, which anything over two is referred to here as a mess of eggs, maybe toast, potatoes, zucchini hash or what have you, but my favorite meal hands down is Sunday Breakfast. Mostly this is true for two reasons; This time of year the food is just so so good and so so fresh. Also Sunday is my official "day off" Of course I still have chores to do and goats to milk but its a slower pace and after breakfast I relax. What a treat!

This morning : three fried eggs (from my favorite flock of hens) two fresh baked biscuits that Linda made with butter and raw honey, three pieces of bacon from Downing family farm (frikin' excellent by the way!!!) and some slices of my very favorite tomato in the world Aunt Ruby's German Green. The best tomato ever. I ate a jalapeno from the garden as well to wash it all down with.

Ah the life!

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