Friday, July 17, 2009

Lavender Feast

I'm getting ready for the big lavender feast this weekend that I have here every year at the farm. It looks like it will be a great crowd. The menu:

Chilled cucumber gazpacho and sun gold nugget nectar with lavender olive oil

Summer salad of a garden harvest with balsamic lavender vinaigrette and
home made goat milk feta.

Lime lavender and pineapple mint ice

lavender and sage crusted pork shoulder smoked over lavender wood and served with Italian flat beans and creamy potatoes

Lavender lemon pound cake with peach ice cream with Tidal School -Oklahoma gold served in lavender smoked glass.

Chocolate lavender truffles



J said...

Wow! The food was fabulous! Thank you so much for making everything happen.

Denise~ said...


Can't wait for Saturday!