Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rush

Why am I sitting at the computer when I should be rushing to get all my work done out side before it becomes unbearably hot?

Because it's a beautiful morning. The hens are happily clucking, all the sheep and goats are grazing peacefully, the birds are singing, the cats are playing, the dogs...I have no idea what they are doing but I'm sure they are enjoying this beautiful cool morning.

It feels so great to take pause and enjoy this time. Chores finished, I just poured a cup of pipin' hot french press and I'm just not ready to start working OK! and I wont complain when I'm out there at 3pm, so sir. no complaining!

Today is about up keep. Mowing, composting, hoeing and some light harvesting. Kasey has the garden under control and when I'm done with my tasks I'll head over to the new place and start doing a little painting.

The thought of moving this farm is at best completely overwhelming. Trying to come up with a well orchestrated plan while keeping business as usually here is just crazy making. But really, really fun too. When I am over at the new place I get such a sense of peace and contentment about the future. Not that I don't have that here but change is good right now for me. Change is needed, change is necessary and change is inevitable. Its an amazing rush to be on the edge of something so absolutely and infinitely grand and to know that what I am looking out at is my very own life.

Well, I better get a move on. Gonna compost first, then pick beans. clean out some barns, you know the basic farmy stuff.

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