Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The old silver barn

The old silver barn, that’s what we call it. Anyone who has visited the farm is immediately accosted by its well…appearance which then tells a story that this aint no storybook farm it’s a real Oklahoma farm! trashy out buildings and all. Maybe to some its punk rock, I dunno know, but if you could see what’s in it you would just move on as quickly as you could. It’s the catch all barn at least it has been. Old drip tape, scrap lumber, scrap everything, a kind of graveyard where stuff doesn’t die it just waits to be used. You get the picture; add that with a bunch of cats makes for an interesting back wood visual.  Free hugs anyone? You know that place way out in the middle of nowhere on a long lonely road to nowhere, where your car just happens to run out of gas? But anyway…….put up the chainsaws that’s about to change!

This old barn is old, I can tell from the layers of scrap tin used to make repairs. One side of the roof caved in a couple of winters ago due to a heavy snow load. This place needs some help and the deal is I have very limited financial resources but a hella a lot of creative will so I’ll be working with much of what I have.  The barn will be the “new” home for our milk goats. We are at a point that some changes needed to be made with our herd management plan and after a lot and I mean a lot of hemming and hawing Linda and I finally broke open to a solution, and what makes this so amazing is that if we play our cards right eventually we could, if we wanted to, become a grade A goat dairy. But we’re taking it slow. We’ve been down this road before. But I believe the universe right this second is conspiring to help us.

So the project has begun, all the junk –in- waiting has made its exit. Which already has created some anxiety “what if I need that… that piece of thing?” I stayed strong and piled everything up and made a nice hall to the landfill which is probably why the stuff was hidden away to begin with. That place is a very upsetting reminder of the accumulation of…. gosh I can’t even find a good word to use. So as I move forward I’ll be think about that landfill and perhaps turning away the next “free shit” I run across.

Free hugs? yea, its pretty ugly. But it has potential, right?
Someone did put some creative touches into it with the aliens.

Yes it is a work in progress. I'm pretty excited to see what I can do with this old hunk! I'll keep you posted.

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Cassandra said...

Definite potential. It just needs some touching up. And maybe a couple of scavenged roof panels. :)