Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the heck?

So most of Saturday and all of Sunday was a day of rest for me. I wrote, I read, I made cheese, and made a nice little list of projects for the week ahead. The chores have all been manageable, and last night I made a nice dinner at an early 6:30 rather than the usual 9pm. We finished eating and I tell you I was ready for bed. I forced myself to stay up until 8:30 and then at 8:30 I laid down with a my Western Ridding for Beginners book and by 8:45 the light was off and I was in la la land. Am I getting all senior?

I hear the older you get the more sleep you need? Is that just a crock. Maybe I need to take a nap after lunch, so I can stay up until 9:30 which is practically torture these days. Or maybe I need to shut up and just get this rest while I can. The last few nights we've been playing dominos. and I suppose it might be time to pick up the ol'Martin again and play some tunes. It might even be time to pick up a new hobby like knitting. Naaah

The pups are doing well they are paying more and more attention to the sheep in the next pen. I just go out to feed them and give them fresh water. But I am telling you it is so hard. Still no heat, but the space heaters are doing the trick and everyday I look at Craig's list for a wood burning stove, hoping for a deal I cant refuse. but so far nadda. If we get a couple of private parties I'm in business. But its winter and the belt is so tight its cutting off circulation but that's how its got to be. Hopefull the repair guy will come today and if not I'll call someone else.

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