Monday, November 15, 2010

settling in

I'm really starting to enjoy this fall thing. I'm doing all that I know to be the right things for getting ready for winter and I can finally let my anxiety rest and enjoy the world around me. On Saturday I decided just to spend the morning walking around the farm taking pictures. Its just so beautiful right now and it seems like everywhere I look is a photo op. I'm struck by all of the cool places hidden for me to find and explore.

There are a lot of dilapidated buildings on the land and I hate to look at them and see such things just rotting away, but for some reason the way the light was shining through the clouds they took on a kind of beauty I couldn't see before. I started to imagined what they looked like before, and what they may have been used for. I felt that there were hundreds of untold stories beneath the overgrown brambles, rusted barbed wire and flaps of tin. Iron artifacts of an old farm. A fence made out of a bed spring. A bright blue refrigerator door as a pen wall. My imagination is unleashed.

I do know some history of the farm, I know a family with 6 children lived in this 900sq ft home I share with only one other person and four dogs. I know during the dust bowl days people would come from miles and miles away for the clean water. and I know there was a bootlegger who burned his still house down with him in it. I know of few things and the rest is a mystery. A story that I will invent and piece together with the little clues I find.

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nanc said...

Great pics and cool history!