Monday, November 29, 2010


They don't look like much now but two of these little fluff balls are going to become live stock guardians. We picked them up on Sunday from my friend Judy at HLA acres She had read a post a couple of months ago when I was in Coyote hell and let me know she had a litter of pups she had two left and did I want them?

So these are a Pyrenees/komondor mix. Two very strong dedicated dogs that are very fierce but friendly to humans. That's the temperament I need on this busy farm.

They have a way to go until they will be up to the task but for the time being they'll be in with some lambs and I'll have to start working with them without cuddling or playing with them and that is going to be so hard. Can you imagine having something so cute and not being all over its cuteness!?

See, I messed up with my other Pyrenees, they are 6 years old now but as puppies I treated them like my dogs, playing and bonding with them. If they didn't want to be in with the sheep they didn't and that has really hurt me six years later. They do guard the property and they go after anything unusual and if you are a stray dog its not pretty, but they are bonded to me not the sheep. So here is my chance to do it right. From all the articles and I've read about it I might have a fighting chance if I don't get my emotions in the way.

So this is what they will look like in three years!

The pups dont have names yet, we havent really gotten to know them. A few days on the farm and I'm sure they will have chosen their names.

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