Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meeting an Icon

I had the incredible opportunity to meet one of my favorite cookbook authors Deborah Madison. Last weekend. She was in Tulsa to give a talk at the Philbrook this last Monday and luckily some friends were involved and arrange two gatherings for her to meet some of her Tulsa fans. The first was a dinner at the Palace where James created a multi course meal highlighting local vegetables, cheese and chicken. It was amazing! such an incredible treat. Deborah was in a lady chef sandwich between myself and Teri Fermo from Bohemia. It was pretty amazing, not just to sit at the same table and share an amazing meal but to actually have a conversation. She liked my cheese!!!!!!! actually I was able to be on the menu with cheese and greens so I was really feeling the love. That's a lot of gratification in one night.

The next day she gave her talk at the Philbrook, I was unable to go but another friend Lou Hodges had a small casual dinner party for her that evening which again was such an amazing treat. Lou has a wood fired oven on her back patio and slow roasted a pork and greens pork shoulder that was to-die-for!!!!. Lou is quite a chef herself and among other things her cookbook collection made me want to howl at the moon. (i refrained).

I felt as if I were at a gathering of old friends.
Here's Deborah and Lou fixin; up some some local strawberries served on grilled polenta cornbread.

Mark Lakey rocked on the pork! James looks happy!

What a amazing night! I am inspired on so many levels!


Stephen said...

Hey Bibi, that grilled polenta cornbread sounds awesome. Get me a recipe if you can.

ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...

Care killed the cat. take care yourself. ....................................................