Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fields of plenty

Lately, I've really been put to the test. Last week Kasey took some time off to rest a little so Nate, (our intern this season) and I kicked some serious butt and held everything together in the field. We had our biggest harvest day so far and our best market as far as sales went, we were really sorry Kasey wasn't there to see the fruits of his labor. But apparently he was in Oklahoma City finding a job and a place to live, unknown to us he was done farming.

I found out this Monday. I wasn't really surprised. I mean this is a hard way to make a living what I did find surprising is he just left, packed up a few things and left with no notice what so ever. No worry about our CSA members 2 of which are his own family, not to mention the 45 CSA members in Tulsa. I understand his need to try something else so I don't begrudge him for that. And the fact is the farm will be fine and all of the CSA members wont skip a beat. And luckily this was just a trial partnership, and better now than mid July when tomatoes come on.

As a matter of fact because of his hard work, the fields look great. Things are growing and the fruits of our labor have really taken off. Broccoli is heading up beautifully and carrots and beets are standing tall. We've had our failures but that's to be expected on new land. Thanks to Kasey we're off to a great start. I couldn't have done it with out him. Well I wouldn't have in the first place and that's a whole different story. But here I am. I've got an intern here and one more on the way. The animals are healthy and cheese is hanging and as I look out the kitchen window I watch the sun come up on my fields of plenty.


Linda said...

Jai volunteered to help harvest peas. Of course, he can only reach the ones on the bottom of the vine...and there's the problem of bite marks, but he's cheap labor. :)

Lisa said...

and he is easy to get along with :)

nanc said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help with the peas, either. I would definitely eat as much as I harvest!