Monday, May 4, 2009

Let sleeping goats.....alone

Ah, some peace and quiet as the little ones take their late morning nap. It’s a cool morning and the promise of a day without rain has everyone a little excited. The kids seemed unmoved by the drop temperature this weekend but were not thrilled about the many inches of rain that kept them in their little barn for the past several days. Mostly they are focused now primarily sleeping or eating and screaming. (not necessarily in that order) Fourteen kids is a lot to handle all at once. Yes they are cute as bugs and sweet and a thrill to watch but the other day at 1:38 am when they decided to get up and demand my attention, I made it my highest priority to get these sweet, cute adorable kids to their perspective homes.

After the 1:38 wake-up call from the kid barn, I did managed to go right back to sleep and at 5:30 when the alarm went off I was feeling pretty rested. I enjoyed journaling and coffee until 5:45 when I was reminded of my new commitment to get my kids homes and fast! By the sounds outside that had reached a high long scream that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I went out to make sure no one was hurt and the whole gang joined in unison on one long loud scream that sounded like HEYYYYY!!!!!!!! I threw down a flake of alfalfa which did quiet them down for a little bit long enough for me to finish my coffee and the point I was making in my journal which had something to do with the harmony of the farm being seriously out of tune.

This happens occasionally, when the farm and I are out of sync and fighting with each other. But the farm always wins because it’s always right, and at first I argue. The farm tells me it’s time to get the kids to their homes, or its time to slaughter a few roosters or its time to put the ram in with the ewes etc… when things start getting difficult around here it’s because certain things must be done in order for harmony to be restored. The thing is sometimes I don’t have time. The farm does not care! And I quickly find that the little time I have is being eaten up with reacting to things that I haven’t been managing.

It’s hard not to lose patience and become grouchy and when I do everyone notices and it just gets worse, the milk goats won’t cooperate the chickens are very uptight and the dogs just give me that gloomy look and then I feel as if the world is just about to come to an end. Catching the downward spiral quick is the key. Sometimes I will just stop what I am doing and go spend a few moments or as long as it takes meditating and coming to peace. Reminding myself that this is all just a state of mind, fully loaded with the buffet of emotions of my choice. I choose peace, serenity and happiness.

The farm has been one of the most sacred places I have ever lived. Every day I experience great gratitude and am thankful to have been given such a special opportunity. I’ve learned many things in the past five years here, the most important being the peaceful knowledge that this is what I want to do. Yes. I know I want to milk goats for many, many years to come, I want to farm and work in harmony with nature. This I know for certain if nothing else and I now know without a doubt I make a great farmer, that is my seat, I rest in that knowledge.

Later today a good friend will come and take five kids to their new home. They couldn't be going to a better place. They will be well taken care of and loved. I will miss them but harmony will be restored and my ear drums will be thankful, and the farm gets what it wants.

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Melissa said...

WOW! I always enjoy reading about your farm. I would love to come visit sometime.
You are a strong woman. Keep up the good work!
Sounds like nature has you by the ear leading you where she wants you to go!