Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday on the farm

I love Sunday mornings, it’s the one day I allow myself to sleep uninterrupted by the alarm. I might wake up at 6am or it might be 7am and I’ll lay in bed listening to the morning sounds until the calls coming from the milk goats finally gets me out of bed.

Sometimes (like this Sunday) I just go ahead and milk in my pajamas. I bring my first steaming cup of french press out and enjoy the cool, quiet morning in the milk parlor with some of my favorite beings. Today I felt totally spoiled when I came in from milking and Linda was making biscuits Sunday breakfast is something to look forward to.

Sundays I feel so at peace, I don’t allow myself to rush to do anything and I make a special point to do very little work other than just taking care of the animals and watering the fields if necessary. I use this day to enjoy the farm and the fruits of its labor.

Linda is off to a full day at church and I have set aside some time to clean out my office which has become rather unsightly. Even though this is indeed work I’m going at it in a zen way of clearing out. That way I’m not breaking with tradition but…… Here’s the deal. I let things stack up. Un- opened mail, un-answered e-mails, paper work in piles of sorts etc. until finally it gets so bad that it takes a day of this so called “clearing out”. Who else does that?
I’m not sure how long it will take me today to put my life back in order but I’ll definitely set some time aside for a long walk and a nap. I love Sundays, maybe I’ll go for a swim down at the lake. Happy Sunday!

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