Sunday, March 29, 2009

a short breather

I’ve been trying to post for about four days now and keep getting interrupted and when I come back to the post I was working on.... well, things have changed so much it’s no longer relative. So quick while everyone is taking naps I’ll sit here quietly and type away.

Where to start?

Sally had three baby boys two weeks ago Monday, they are strong and healthy and full of it! A few days later Racy had two more buckling's both very beautiful but had a lot of trouble staying warm. We ended up bringing them inside. It was dire for one who was not responding and the temps were dropping. We were able to get them warm with dry towels a heating pad and a krankin’ wood stove, they started eating well and were bouncing all over the place today so I just moved (threw, banished, got rid of) them outside a few hours ago where they seem very happy with Sally’s triplets.

Yesterday Sugar gave birth to two more buckling. She is a new freshener so she wasn’t really sure what she was supposed to do with these cold wet blobs, of course it was cold and snowy so again, in the house they went with the other two and we all cuddled up next to the wood stove. Racy didn’t seem to mind and appreciated the hay and water.

The big snow storm yesterday surprisingly dropped at least 6 inches and 8-10 in places where it drifted. Lost power which made feeding babies and cleaning a little difficult but we managed quite well. I had just started cooking chicken and dumplings on the wood stove at about 9pm when the lights finally came on. We had candles and lamp light, it was rather nice but with the extra company in the house (4 bucklings) it was nice to have power.

The dogs

were very happy to play in the snow.

Today is beautiful, warm and wet from the melting snow. All but one buckling is doing fine. The one is very week. He is eating but doesn’t seem to be able to get around too well. I’ll keep him in the house a few days longer until he is strong enough.
The last two evenings have been baby watch. The first night I slept on the couch feeding the new Born's every two hours. The next night (last night) Linda was on watch I slept happily in my bed and she fed every two hours or so. Both nights we were able to doze in between feeding usually with a buckling cuddled up on our chest sleeping soundly. Kasey was on watch most of the evening while I did chores and milked he was extremely happy to head out to the yurt last night away from all the noise.

So, there has been a lot of action around here and the cuteness is oozing out of this place like nobody’s business. So far three Does have kidded and 5 more to go. It feels good to milk again. An ewe had one female lamb also on Friday and both are doing well.
Today the new lamb was frolicking in the snow with the other
lambs with Paschal keeping a very close eye on them, He loves his lambs.
I’m looking forward to a quiet night, and a full night of sleep maybe. Until tomorrow. Until the next round comes due.
There I did it!


Shelley Umezawa said...

Bibi, they are so cute! I still have a couple of gallon milk jars for you.

Denise~ said...

WOW! Sounds like a wild and crazy time at LK!
Great photos!!!

I found two 1/2 gallon milk jars for you during our moving/packing process. I doubt we make it to 3spings for the shindig Saturday but will try to remember to bring them to Sand Springs.