Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome Kasey!

Last Wednesday, Kasey, LK’s new intern came rolling in with his U-hall full of personal belongings, things he would need to make his life comfortable for the next however many months in the Yurt. The first night was a cold one. I offered him the spare room in the house but he was intent for his first night on the farm to be spent in the yurt. With piles of blankets he stayed warm.

The following morning we went over the tasks at hand and talked about the garden, the transplanting and the goats. I was afraid by the end of our discussion he would have a panicked what have I gotten myself into look, but search after search of his facial expressions revealed none, just a willingness to get started. So we did.

The east plot (#4) is in pretty good shape, this will be the first one we get planted. I introduced him to Little Suzy and they bonded right way. He tilled the rows beautifully and with the addition of compost they will be ready to plant with potatoes, onions, spinach and greens by very early next week. I’m hoping to come to the first market with a plethora of greens.

I gave him a special project of designing a permanent bed system in plot #1 next to the raspberries. Here he will design an aesthetically pleasing, functional garden that will be used for growing food specifically for Farm Table Dinners and also serve as a teaching garden. He came up with a beautiful design. Can’t wait to get started on it!

The next several days we’ll spend transplanting tomato seedlings, so far in spite of the cold evening temps everyone (the seedlings) is holding up fine in the greenhouse. I have a small heater just so I can sleep through the night. The greenhouse will be full mid next week wow! It’s really happening. Life is good!

By the way!
Sally is huge. She looks ready to burst, her bag is already full and tight, poor girl. Monday is the day she kids.

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