Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wave of hope

All is well in my world today. I’m sitting stove side in my small cozy living room enjoying the deep warmth of a well made fire. The dim lamp light provides just enough rays to make out the words in my journal. I love mornings it’s the peaceful time for me, a time of reflection and planning. The darkness outside and the warm comfort of my little house hugs me and holds me tight. I feel a comfort and joy in it that seems to be immeasurable.

For me today is full of hope. I am excited down to my core about our new president and I think today is truly a day for new beginnings. I can find no excuses not to launch myself into the world and take a hold with pure delight this life I have chosen to live. All this because of a new president? That is one of many reasons, but it’s a huge wave of hope and I’m one of millions riding it!

I meet with my good friends Mike and Emily today to get some solid advice on seed varieties that I will be planting for my market garden as well as for transplants I will sell this spring. I’m going Organic, Certified Organic that is. I’ve got the application in hand and I’m taking the leap! I’m very excited. I'm a little scared too but that's nothing new for me. I'll be branching off and selling plants this year. But let me add for those who know me, I have the Tomato Man's Daughter's full support, but mind you I will not be selling Heirloom tomato plants. I might have a few of course but I'll have pepper plants, cucumber. squash and a variety of really neat vegetable plants for gardeners who don't want to start their own seeds. This is a great opportunity and brings me closer to my goal of buying the farm from my ex.

On a Animal note; yesterday morning I noticed the goats are starting to really look pregnant. It’s hard to believe in two months from today I will have dozens of little kids and lambs running around! Now that’s something to look forward to! I've started thinking about getting ready for all of this, and soon I'll start doing. I still have fence repairs to make and a processing room to build.
Speaking of the Animals I better get out there and do some feeding.

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