Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Game night

I’ve started this kind of bad habit of watching TV almost every night. I have my favorite shows. Yes, shows that I follow like the ol’ soaps. I like The Office, 30 Rock. Tried V but gave up on it (so not believable). The Daily show, The Colbert report and the top most requested DVR replay is Dexter. But I’ve been feeling like I’m being pulled into the underworld. Really it’s just that at the end of the day while eating dinner in front of the TV all I want to do is zone the f*c* out. The problem is I have a queue of books that keeps staring at me from the night stand next to the bed as if I’ve been out either as guest or a lusty server in some dark alley red light district. Finger Prints Of God looks at me like “so…..you choose the murd…er…er rrr ova me eh?! “Or the latest edition to the cue, Wendell Berry’s bringing it to the table; that one just looks at me and turns away in disgust and pity. Anyway my point is I feel there is better ways I can spend my time that won’t make me feel so guild ridden!

So I’m making an effort here and the first one is GAME NIGHT! Last night Linda and I (Kasey was out gallivanting with his……family!) played dominoes: Mexican train. (Forgive me for any one I may have offended, I have no idea what a Mexican train is but it sounds derogatory) All the P/C aside it was fun! And while I was getting whooped I made feta cheese! How productive!!!!
So game night will lead to reading night, guitar night and soon it will just be TV night and or movie night and I”ll be back to creating and thinking again I hope. Hmm maybe I’ll take up knitting? No better not, I’d never get anything done:). This morning its 19 here and I have a heater in the pump house and a drizzle of water in the kitchen sink. The kitchen is so clean and I have two bags of feta hanging. Life is good. Back to Oklahoma City to cater today. Can’t even guess how many people I’ve helped feed so far. Time does fly by!

I’ve got an Ewe that’s real close to giving birth, I hope she does before I leave for Seattle. There are three lambs out there now but I haven’t been able to spend any time with them so they are very afraid of me and even Pascal, he must look like a giant to them. I’m sure he’ll charm them soon and they be jumping and playing on his back. He likes that!


Fonda@Travelok.com said...

Hi Lisa,
This is Fonda Bean with the Tourism Department....I've been trying to reach you to verify the information we've listed for you on our state's official tourism web site....specifically your hours, phone number, physical and mailing address. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a call at 405.230.8419. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Fonda

Denise~ said...

I'll teach you the knitting! Yep you'd still get stuff done. Knitting can be done outside, inside, in the car, in the pasture, at the market, in the movies, well - about anywhere!

come on and try!