Thursday, January 8, 2015

its all about the weather..

12 degrees, not bad if you’re dressed appropriately. Me, long johns under my heavy grey Dickies, thick wool sock, boots, long sleeve t-shirt under a short sleeve, under a sweater, under a flannel shirt under a purple Carhart insulated jacket. Then there is the head, long wool scarf wrapped around and around over my mouth and nose then the wool hat then hood of coat pulled over. Only eyes showing. Then the gloves. Which hardly seem to work, but I put them on anyway and out I go to check and feed every animal on this farm starting with the baby goats who are the loudest and most demanding of the lot.

Once I get out there I do okay, this morning I even got warm and I could have spent more time outside maybe even start work but the timings all wrong. I slept in a little and haven’t eaten breakfast! So back in I go, back into the cozy yurt, strip down to my johns, make a pot of tea and scramble up some eggs. Now after that, it takes all I have to pull on the gear and go actually work! This is winter. However winter break is over. Its full steam ahead! Less work hours in the day but important work to be done. 

I received one of three seed orders in the mail this morning. All of my seed orders are placed and over the next four weeks I’ll have a propagation hut filled with seedlings of onions, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and radicchio. That’s the first round then after the 14th of February tomato seeds are started then pepper, then eggplant, fennel, and so on. And every year I have the same thrilling excitement, even though I know come July I’m going to be hot and sore every day until October. Still I can hardly contain myself! So I won’t, I am bursting at the seams here! It’s fair to say the bright sunshine isn’t hurting my mood either.

It feels good to have this. This gift of hope, of new beginnings, of learning more. New Year’s Day happens four times a year; spring, summer, fall and winter! Kind of an awesome way to live I think. I’m trying not to think of the challenges I might face, the losses, the failures. At least right now I just want to enjoy the feeling of this new jewel of opportunity. This invitation to be a part of a system I barely understand. I’ll have plenty of time to moan and groan in the future, right now I have resolve! And I’m going to enjoy every second of it!

Now if you will excuse me I have 20 pounds of clothing to put on!

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Cassandra said...

Ha! 20 lbs of clothing, yes! I'm itching to start seeds too. I can hardly wait.