Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary Sweet heart!

Three years ago you came into my life. You were a light, a beacon for a better life, a better way of looking at things. When I first met you I had a great desire to know you better. And when I started to get to know you I wanted to know you in deeper way. 

Three years ago today you helped me muck barns. Not a pretty job but one that needed to be done in preparation for winter. It was a beautiful warm day. Later that evening you and I met at the Day of the Dead festival. You were un- chaperoned, which helped me to think you trusted our friendship. With the glow of the fire dancers lighting up your face, I looked at you and knew at that very moment you were the one. I didn’t want to do anything to compromise our budding deep friendship but as we parted that evening to go our separate ways I knew something great was just around the corner.

Three years later I’m still astounded that our relationship is one where personal growth and integrity is the center pillar. Respect and dignity are the stable structures in our lives.  These remain the walls and foundation of our relationship, walls that don’t keep us locked up but hold us up and free us to be our best selves, together and as individuals, Knowing were safe to express our true selves.  A safe port in the storm of life’s experiences.

You have enriched my life in countless ways. You have treated me with a deep love and respect that I have never experience. You celebrate my strengths and shortcomings, you embrace me unconditionally. You let me fall, make mistakes and laugh at myself. You celebrate my successes and are always encouraging and supportive of even some of my wildest thoughts and dreams. 

I am so grateful that my life included meeting you. I am so grateful to be in a loving nurturing relationship full of excitement and hope. I am so grateful to be able to celebrate this day with no question this will be the third of many more to come. I’m committed to living in this house we’ve built together of love, respect, courtesy, dignity, humor, passion, self awareness, and above all our deep kindness towards each other. I love you. Happy Anniversary!


Jan said...

What a wonderful gift to give your beloved. You guys do have an aura about you when you're together. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I hope we see you at the Day of the Dead tonight.

Love you both,


Linda said...

This is beautiful, honey, the best anniversary gift ever! I love you more than life itself and look forward to so many years to fall deeper in love with you.

nanc said...

You two are a wonderful gift to each other. Blessings to you both!