Friday, September 2, 2011

106 ways to cook okra

1. Tempura okra

2. southern fried okra

3. okra off the bush while weeding hungry but not yet time or lunch

4. Grilled okra

5. Indian style okra

6. Raw okra salad in cumin yogurt dressing

7. raw okra and cucumbers with apple cider garlicky vinaigrette

8. Raw okra and papaya salad

9. um .......

10... help me out here people


12. Okra added just at the last second to a buffalo stew

13. Grilled okra is good

14. grilled carrots are really good too

15. of course the old stand by jambalaya or whatever that is?

16. Yours...GO!

17. hmmmm?

18. I give up


jo(e) said...


Amber said...

Pickled is not really cooking, but it is my favorite way to eat okra!

Lisa said...

Oh yea I forgot about pickled I Love pickled Okra!

Cassandra said...

Pickled okra is awesome. Have you tried pickling burgundy okra? It turns out rather neat- the brine turns pink.

Lisa said...

I have burgandy okra too lots and lots of it, thanks!