Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The beautiful thing about farming or homesteading or gardening or whatever you want to call it, is your life is set up to provide you with food. In one form or another. I have a chefs farm, I raise and attempt to raise all of my favorite foods; Lamb, pastured chickens, eggs, vegetables, milk and cheese.... its like crazy! its thrilling, exhilarating, humbling and exhausting. In all honesty I don't really know how long I can manage to keep this up, is kind of addicting.

Yesterday was chicken processing day. Myself and my two interns, Josey and Kathleen created our supper, we've raised these chickens, we've pastured them we've loved and cared for them and now its full circle to their final destination our bodies. and to our CSA members, we'll be processing 40 all together. Josey and Kathleen have already participated in this experience at Heifer ranch where they both worked previously so it was pretty sweet having these confident and able women take on this task with me.

And tonight I make fried chicken. What a treat! I'm even mashing some Yukon golds and boilin'up some corn. Its a farm raised feast! and one I couldn't be more humbled by. Its been a long road traveled for this meal. I'm going to savor every bite.


Lost City Denise said...

That's fire right? Kathleen has a chicken on fire?
You have the most incredible interns!!

Lisa said...

Ha ha, no not fire but some good morning sun just hitting it right, looks pretty strange! But yes they are incredible!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. My wife and I live in our Off-Grid farm in the boonies of West Virginia. We also have chickens (layers) and enjoy the eggs. We have a few hogs also. If you get time check our blog at

Solar power is our friend and we love what we have built.

Sonny and Linda