Monday, February 16, 2009

Life begins for pepper plants

The pepper seeds I planted on the 8th have sprouted! I have never started pepper seeds before so I was a bit nervous, I still will be until they are on the sales table. Until then I will treat them with ominous respect. I’ll step lightly until they have flown out of the nest to be planted by their adoptive gardeners’. I planted some tomato seeds on V-day. Tomato seeds don’t take as long as pepper seeds and I feel much more comfortable with them. Watching these little seeds sprout was amazing and even though I’ve seen it over and over again I still get such a sense of awe and immense gratitude every time.
I did manage to get one layer of greenhouse plastic on yesterday with the help of Linda and Jill. Linda and I started out on our own but quickly found we needed two more hands. So with a desperate phone call Jill came to the rescue. Even though it seemed like a pretty still day it didn’t take much for the plastic to balloon out and make things extremely difficult for us. Occasionally we would have some still moments and would work as fast as we could to get the plastic secured. By the end it was on and tight. Still need to put the second layer on not sure when it’ll happen I hope soon.
Lady L update: She’s doing well. She’s eating, but still a little slow. I walked to the back last night for chores and she was laying down enjoying the late afternoon sun, she looked so serene and beautiful, chewing her cud. My friend Ann who has been raising sheep for sometime came over yesterday, I told her the situation and she concurred that it was just old age. I asked what I could do and she told me just let her eat grass and have a good time. Oh, I can do that.

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JM said...

I'm disastrously late for everything this year. If I got some tomato seeds started on March 10th, would it be entirely too late?

BTW, I love your new blog. You are a wonderful writer!

(James, aka Rachel's brother from another mother)